Fill in the Blanks

Direction for [ Question No: 1 To 5 ] :

Pick out the most effective word(s) from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete.


Brothers must live in harmony. They must never fall ......

Answer: B

This is about relationship Kinship. You fall "in" a relationship and you fall "out" of a relationship.

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Arti pulled a long ...... when she was told that she could not go to Agra.

Answer: C

Generally long mouth is not used in sad/shock it is used at the time of angry or an excitement situations. So long face is prefered here. option C is correct.

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Many of the advances of civilisation have been conceived by young people just on the ...... of adulthood

Answer: B

Threshold means the starting point for a new state or experience option B is correct.

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The park ...... as far as the river.

Answer: A

Enlarge means to make or to become larger or to more extensive. And extend means to cause to cover a wide area. So here the park is not enlarging with river but extending till the river.  option A is correct.

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The family gave father a gold watch on the ...... of his fiftieth birthday

Answer: C

occasion means a special day and celebration is to celebrate. option C is correct.

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