Digital Electronics


Binary number 1101 is equal to octal number

Answer: C

1101 = 13 in decimal = 15 (i.e., 8 + 5) in octal.

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Assertion (A): A PROM can be used as a synchronous counter

Reason (R): Each memory location in a PROM can be read synchronously.

Answer: D

PROM is a memory. It is not a counter.

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For a 4096 x 8 EPROM, the number of address lines is

Answer: B

No Explanation.

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Answer: B

It denotes high speed TTL.

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In a 3 input NOR gate, the number of states in which output is 1 equals

Answer: A

Only one input, i.e., A = 0, B = 0 and C = 0 gives 1 as output.

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