Wireless Technologies


What is the maximum distance running the lowest data rate for 802.11g?

Answer: C

The IEEE 802.11g standard's lowest data rate is 6Mbps, but it can run from a distance of about 300 feet.

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How many non-overlapping channels are available with 802.11g?

Answer: A

The IEEE 802.11g standard provides 3 non-overlapping channels.

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What is the frequency range of the IEEE 802.11g standard?

Answer: C

The IEEE 802.11b and IEEE 802.11g standards both run in the 2.4GHz RF range.

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Cisco's Unified Wireless Solution provides a mesh solution. What devices do you absolutely need to purchase to run a Cisco solution?



3.Access point


Answer: B

The Cisco Unified Wireless Solution is a great product, but you must purchase specialized devices. Cisco managed access points and a controller are the devices you need to purchase to run the Unified Wireless Solution.

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Answer: A

Extended Service Set ID means that you have more than one access point and they all are set to the same SSID and all are connected together in the same VLAN or distribution system so users can roam.

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