Network Address Translation


Which command will clear all the translations active on your router?

Answer: D

The command clear ip nat translations * will clear all the active NAT entries in your translation table.

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Answer: B

The command ip nat pool  creates the pool that hosts can use to get onto the global Internet. What makes option B correct is that the range through includes 30 hosts, but the mask has to match 30 hosts as well, and that mask is Option C is wrong because the pool name has a lower case "T" in the pool name. Pool name's are case sensitive.

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Which of the following is considered to be the destination host after translation?

Answer: D

The host on the global network after translation is considered to be an outside global host.

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Which of the following are disadvantages of using NAT?

1.Translation introduces switching path delays.

2.Conserves legally registered addresses.

3.Causes loss of end-to-end IP traceability.

4.Increases flexibility when connecting to the Internet.

5.Certain applications will not function with NAT enabled.

6.Reduces address overlap occurrence.

Answer: A

NAT is not perfect and can cause some issues in some networks, but most networks work just fine. NAT can cause delays and troubleshooting problems, and some applications just won't work.

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Which of the following is considered to be the address before translation?

Answer: A

The host on the private network before translation is considered to be an inside local host.

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